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6 Week Mindfulness Based Yoga Nidra

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MBYN is a psychospiritual practice practice for realizing optimal mental and physical health and developing creativity, in all its forms.
It is a guided mindfulness meditation. The practitioner is moved into a deep relaxation, the yogic sleep of Nidra—a bardo-like state between wakefulness and somnolence, doing and witnessing, reverie
and thought, not exclusively any one, but partaking of all. It is a place of profoundly relaxed well-being. Here one stills the critical, thinking mind, quiets negative judgmental, self-talk. One, therefore, is able to see more clearly and enjoy greater stability of mind, with confidence and effective intention. The experience of an integrated self is had.
In this relaxed and aware state, following selected visualizations,
transformative learning and profound healing happens. In particular, one practices acceptance and compassion for self and others, and a generosity of spirit for one’s world.
The spiritual tradition of Tibet speaks of our “True Nature”. This is described as inherently good and sane, compassionate and intelligent, and presenting as “luminous”.
In the ground of our being we “shine”! But in the struggles with life’s frustrations and injustices, consciousness has been clouded, and we have lost touch with the spiritual truth of our being.
However, an instinctive intuition of its existence remains in a yearning for integrity and wholeness . This is recognized in Hindu spiritual thought as one’s Sankalpa: the heart’s primordial desire for
fulfillment and completion, the purpose of one’s being. It is our intuitive drive for realizing the inherent meaning in one’s life. This is accomplished through the meditative practice of Mindfulness Based Yoga Nidra. We use the Sankalpa as the dynamic that integrates and moves our meditation practices forward into the realization of our
This is a healing experience and empowers one to live one’s life more effectively and happily.
It is the utilization of the transformative Sankalpa that makes Yoga Nidra unique, and is its contribution to the world of spiritual practice.

Stanley Klein, MA, MSW, RSW
Stanley is a Mindfulness Teacher and Counsellor who brings to
this Mindfulness Based Yoga Nidra Group (MBYN) a lifetime of
professional teaching and clinical experience.
Stanley has been an educator all his life. He was the first Chair
who established the Anthropology Dept at Dawson College, as
well as lecturer at McGill and Concordia. His research as an
anthropologist included engagement with the Navaho First
Nation in the USA and Rural People of Colour in Eastern Canada.
He has taught in diverse populations: the Traumatic Brain Injured,
in-patient and out-patient psychiatry patients, the incarcerated,
single-parent preschoolers, and adult-ed. retirees.
He has offered Mindfulness Based Stress Reductions to groups
and individuals, as well as devised specifically modified versions
of MBSR to meet the needs of the bereaved in programs for
Bereaved Families of Ontario, and for HIV patients at People With
Aids (PWA).
Most recently he has been a lecturer in psychoanalytic theory at
the Institute for Traditional Medicine, where he also provided
clinical supervision to their psychotherapy students.
Stanley approaches his work in Mindfulness, and, in particular,
this MBYNGroup with a heartfelt expression of his own
“practice”, psychological and spiritual. It includes his
understanding of Buddhism, and Buddhism’s understanding of
suffering—as a function of ignorance and clinging; and, therefore,
inherently open to liberation. As well, he brings his formation as a
Social Worker clinician, an Anthropologist, and student of
psychology, which with Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra offer a
unique opportunity for mobilizing hope and healing.

Dates; Oct. 9, 16, 23, 30
Nov. 13, 20

Times; 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Course Fee: $250.00 for 6 weeks

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